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VERONA Mark Salisbury – ‘Melody Maker’ 19th May 1990 (UK) “Verona”, Simple Minds’ first full-length live concert video, is the group’s answer to U2’s “Rattle And Hum”, a 90-minute amalgam of concert footage and behind-the-scenes documentary filmed in a Roman ampthitheatre in Verona, Italy, during the final few days of the band’s “Street Fighting Years”... / READ MORE /
THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM Steve Sutherland gets a hard dose of reality from Simple Minds Steve Suntherland – ‘Meldoy Maker’ – 19th September 1981 (UK) Some curse it, even more encourage it, but there’s no avoiding that physically cramped psychological chasm between the lip of the stage and the stalls’ front row. Something happens there: something... / READ MORE /
Taking Kerr Of Business Simple Minds: On the banks of a New Gold Dream? Or Simply wet? Don Watson fathoms it out with Jim Kerr. Don Watson – ‘NME’ 3rd September 1983 (UK) Whump! It’s that point when the aeroplane’s acceleration borders on the terrifying, when there’s the momentary flash of fear, the back of... / READ MORE /
RETURN OF THE CONQUERING HEROES Simple Minds began their summer festival campaign last Friday in their old hometown of Glasgow, supported by In Tua Nua, Hipsway, The Water boys and Lloyd Cole. Barry McIIheney joined the adoring thousands at Ibrox. Barry McIIheney – ‘Melody Maker’ 14th June 1986 (UK) The home of Glasgow Rangers football... / READ MORE /
Sunday Express ‘Neon Lights’ giveaway The Sunday Express (UK) were today giving readers the chance to get their hands on a copy of ‘Neon Lights’ for a mere £1.97. The special reader offer carried a front page tease that contained a picture of Jim Kerr from 1991 Aotea Centre, Auckland 17th May 2006 review Promised... / READ MORE /
Wednesday May 7th 2008 Simple Minds Confirmed to perform at ‘46664 Concert Honouring Nelson Mandela at 90’ >  ++++ ‘SIMPLE MINDS TO PERFORM AT HYDE PARK, LONDON ++++ Simple Minds have been invited to perform at a special concert to celebrate the 90th Birthday of Nelson Mandela. The ‘46664 Concert’ will be held at Hyde... / READ MORE /
SHARE YOUR SIMPLE MINDS MEMORIES Share your favourite Simple Minds memory with fellow fans via the Fans Memories platform. It could be a concert attended, maybe an album that moves you like no other, maybe it’s just one song or a lyric that reminds you of a special time in your life. Whatever the memory... / READ MORE /
                                                         GOOD NEWS FROM THE NEXT WORLD Jamie Kastner – ‘Toronto Sun’ (Canada) As though in response to rumors of their death, Simple Minds are coming out with... / READ MORE /
GLITTERING PRIZE 1981/92 John Aizlewood – ‘Q’ Magazine (UK) In 1981, three albums into what was becoming a rapidly stagnating career, Simple Minds left Arista-foregoing all future back catalogue royalties-and signed to Virgin after catching Peter Gabriel’s eye. Before the year was out they’d released two Steve Hillage-produced albums simultaneously, Sister Feelings Call and Sons... / READ MORE /
Simple Minds was one of the last bands that I would have expected a covers record from. Don’t ask me why, but I just didn’t peg them as the type. Needless to say, I was fascinated by Neon Lights when it arrived. I pondered it for days before I even put it on. I just... / READ MORE /