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Artist Interviews
CONFESSIONS OF A SIMPLE MIND Another page in the diary… time to write down something Paul Morley – ‘Blitz’ – July 1987 (UK) More of myself… After two weeks of struggling through scores of interviews for European magazines, putting up with aappalling ignorance and arrogance, after being bothered with such sick idiocies, perhaps here I... / READ MORE /
MINDER Jim Kerr back from the road to Katmandu Jim Reid – ‘Record Mirror’ 10th January 1984 (UK) Simple Minds have been away. Away from Glasgow. Taking a trip from British pop. They’ve moved many miles and they’ve shifted musical direction. The ambience of ‘New Gold Dream’ has been replaced by a more direct, dramatic... / READ MORE /
UK Album Chart Black & White 050505 has dropped to number 74 in this week’s UK Album Chart. Reservoir, Paris 23rd September 2005 Set List Home Stay Visible Jeweller (Part 2) Love Song Book Of Brilliant Things Mandela Day Waterfront Dont You (Forget About Me) Big Sleep Alive and Kicking New Gold Dream Stranger Factory... / READ MORE /
‘Music Week’ Jim Kerr interview ‘With many acts citing Eighties influences, Simple Minds’ Jim Kerr believes the band’s new album makes them as relevant as they ever were. Many contemporary bands seem to be inspired by the period when you were at your height. How do you feel about that? JK: We were influenced ourselves... / READ MORE /
Though there’s something to be said for the transportive power of certain recorded music and the ongoing developments in the craft of creating an artwork in the format of a music album, it’s true that with masses at our fingertips we at times flit about in our consumption of music. Reading one of Bill Drummond’s... / READ MORE /
The pair are back with their second album Paradise, out tomorrow on Moshi Moshi, which sees them bolster their sound as Charles goes electric and lines his guitars with fuzz, while Rebecca’s drum beats are tightened and rolls accelerated. Things have developed from the energetic acoustics and marching drums of their now two year old... / READ MORE /