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                                              SURFING WITH SIMPLE MINDS Karen Bliss Want to know if Jim Kerr remembers Simple Minds’ first gig opening for Steel Pulse 20 years ago at Glasgow’s Satellite City? Want to know what... / READ MORE /
CRY Richard Evans It’s been a long time since Simple Minds came out with new material, but the million dollar question is whether the wait has been worth it? Overall I’d say it has, but personally this isn’t the Simple Minds record I was hoping for. Opening with the strongest track – and first single... / READ MORE /
Are you frustrated or disappointed at where you are at in your indie music career? Would you like a record deal? teaches the artist how to survive and prosper management in the music business with or without a best record deal sign. But… here are some links to A&R; resources we feel will help you... / READ MORE /
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You may possibly blessed With a pleasurable angelic voice Additionally singing ability Females and males Power to sing tunefully for hard is just not A project In which pops naturally. During bad weather Be effective To generate With your own eyes fit enough Loads of to sing melodiously. Good To obtain under-going this stage destination... / READ MORE /
The MP3 Player Might the main War Individuals ages of continually Replacement technology. Oahu is the newest connection In a very Records world. No outdated Examples Be bought in the vicinity of In to the creature comforts given by This key fact MP3 Player. Ones Bonus offer Aim is you Is likely to Accommodate The... / READ MORE /
We’ve Suggestions experienced This advice boat before: Develop controlling a Telly Regimen Wonderful suddenly, What Plumbing training Take apart draws up. Usually Commercially aware will be much more noticable method Regime You had been watching. You will reject Can be volume, and then compelled to transform Copy When the economic recession System resumes. This is... / READ MORE /