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Lyceum, London 26th October 1980Terri Sanai – ‘Sounds’ 8th November 1980 (UK) Simple Minds showed how it should be done. They attain the kind of elegant, outlandish falmboyance Wasted Youth and Martin Dance long for, without resorting to the tempting deviations the others use. There’s no sign of visual distractions, the musicians are unobtrusive to... / READ MORE /
BELFAST ODESSY ARENA 6TH DECEMBER 2008 Muze, 7th December 2008 (UK) The highly anticipated Simple Minds ’30 Years Live’ tour climaxed last night in Belfast’s Odyssey arena. Although it wasn’t billed as a double headliner tour having Deacon Blue as the special guests made it a very special night for all. In one of the... / READ MORE /
  Close The Box Open The Minds Paul Morley – ‘NME’ – January 5th 1980 (UK) Jim Kerr, troubled and thoughtful Glaswegian, lead singer for the Scottish quinet Simple Minds – let’s get the fire in your eyes and the whine in your voice, for a moment let’s lose your unfortunate stammer, and maybe any... / READ MORE /
EARLY GOLD Classics from pre-stadium bore period. ‘Uncut’ July 2003 (UK) There are people who were so disappointed at the Minds’ descent into sub-U2 stadium rock that it has had a retrospective spoiling effect on even their best work. They’ve partly atoned for that period, however, and it’s easier now to appreciate again their greatest... / READ MORE /
THE BEST OF SIMPLE MINDS Keith Hannaleck I lost track of the Simple Minds after the eighties became nothing more than a memory. After being tuned in and turned on to the magnetic and charismatic lead vocals of Jim Kerr on the heart pumping “Don’t You Forget About Me” (The Breakfast Club) and “Alive And... / READ MORE /
SILVER BOX Five-disc box of demos, sessions and lost album. ‘Uncut Magazine’ – October 2004 (UK) This exhaustive trawl through demo, session and concert detritus traces Simple Minds’25-year career from 1979, when they were still a Magazine supplement, through to the 1988 stadium bombast of “Mandela Day” and beyond. Yet it’s likely to be of... / READ MORE /
            +++ BLOC PARTY’BEING USHERED INTO THE DARK BY SIMPLE MINDS +++ Writing for The Quietus, Bloc Party’s Gordon Moakes explainsthe impact a teenage love for Simple Minds had on his musical future Bloc Party’s Gordan MoakesFor my thirteenth birthday my parents gave me a tape of Simple Minds’ second... / READ MORE /
IT’S AS SIMPLE AS THAT John McNeive travelled to Brazil with Simple Minds and gives a unique insight into the burgeoning South American rock scene. John McNieve – ‘Hot Press’ June 16th 1988 (IRELAND) Simple Minds were busy rehearsing material and preparing for the recording of their new album when they were approached to headline... / READ MORE /
COME A LONG WAY After a mammoth world tour, Simple Minds are preparing to record the follow-up to ‘Street Fighting Years’. Bassist Malcolm Foster takes time out to talk to Michael Leonard. Michael Leonard – ‘Guitarist’ September 1990 (UK) As we’re minutes from Hampton Court, retreat of regal nutter and wife basher Henry VIII, the... / READ MORE /
THEMES (VOLUMES 1-4) Philip Thomas – ‘Q’ Magazine (UK) This extraordinary set of picture CDs, packaged in Chinese-puzzle style cardboard boxes, five to a box, effectively charts the ’80s from the perspective of Simple Minds. Priced at about pounds sterling20 per box, and released as a limited edition, they do indeed remind the casual listener... / READ MORE /