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Band Coaching sessions can help bands make significant improvements in a short space of time. This post explains what to expect from a CME band coaching session and how it’s different from a traditional band skills workshop. Diagnoses and actions Our Band Coaching sessions offer a full day, intensive session for individual bands. A team of tutors... / READ MORE /
What a show !!!! I’d been looking forward to seeing the Whiskey Syndicate for a while as their music is right up my street… proper dirty rock n’ roll. But to be blown away by the all the bands on the bill of the first Ovation Music Showcase was more than I had bargained for.... / READ MORE /
THE DOGBONES will headline the gig who were formed by members of Queenadreena, Wendykurk, Daisy Chainsaw, and Mediæval Bæbes, The Dogbones’ sound has been described as “johnnyfive playing -T. Rex’s guitar whilst cavemen beat up Barbarella with the dead members of The Beatles” and “early My Bloody Valentine as a Daisy Chainsaw cover band, downing shots... / READ MORE /
The 1990s and very early 2000s was a great time for pop music. It was a great time for a lot of things actually, but that’s another blog post. After experiencing quite a ‘sexed-up’ period in the ’80s, with Madonna and her ilk prancing about in wedding dresses, pop music clearly decided that it needed... / READ MORE /
CD, or when they are practicing their instrument. Everything must be perfect and perfection (or better: degree of perfection) is the main yardstick by which a performance is judged. In classical music this is very common. A jazz performance could never be rated how perfect it was, when is an improvisation ‘perfect’? It is an... / READ MORE /
Adultrock is Gavin Elsted, singer and guitarist of noiseniks We Are Losers. Still in its relative infancy, his electronica sideproject Adultrock has been gaining plaudits and fans over the last number of months. ‘Poplife’ is the first Adultrock track to feature vocals, provided by Jen Connell, formerly of Cork group Hooray For Humans. Her dulcet tones,... / READ MORE /
Eoghan O’Sullivan, who blogs about music at The Point Of Everything, takes us through what’s been getting his ears all excited this week. It’s been a good week for Cork with two bands featured below, while a Dublin band are staking their claim for the best party band in Ireland. Further afield, there was a collaboration... / READ MORE /
The thirty-two poems in this collection are thirty-two very different dances, folk-dances, with precise and intricate steps and forms in common. Like folk-dances, the reader moves through the lines down the length of the village hall, or the lines down the page, and never finishes opposite the same partner or in the same place. Throughout... / READ MORE /
As I type this, I’ve got the itunes blues radio work station on, and the first song to come on is a Stevie Ray Vaughan tune. Nice. You don’t hear much of Stevie in England. The dj just came on and said the station is called ‘radio power’. Sounds like they’re in the states. Which... / READ MORE /