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Many bands that aren’t established have the unpleasant experience of being stuck on a long, expensive tour without knowing if it’s paying off. Do-it-yourself touring can lead to unpleasant experiences. While most bands are aware of the result they desire, it can be difficult to recognize the small victories that make it possible. These three... / READ MORE /
Unknown bands often travel abroad for the first time with the expectation of meeting locals and performing music. For bands that think touring is a relaxing, fun vacation, it’s a rude awakening to the demands and inherent discomfort of DIY touring. We’re going to share three reasons why touring is not a vacation. It’s not... / READ MORE /
It’s always exciting to play in a big city. It cannot be easy to put together a successful show, but it can be rewarding. Playing in major cities has the obvious advantage of exposing yourself to more people and targeting niche groups that may not be available in smaller towns. However, there is more competition.... / READ MORE /
Many music lovers feel the most connected to their songs when they hear them live. However, a musician will find it difficult to create music that feels the same way on record. The pressure to perform well in live situations can make it hard to recreate the experience. It can be difficult for musicians to... / READ MORE /
While your sound engineer may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you are getting ready for a show, they have an immense amount of power that can affect the quality of your performance. Smooth soundchecks will ensure that the show sounds great on stage and allow you to feel confident in... / READ MORE /
Each music scene has its unique world with musicians, history, and local venues. It is natural to want to be part of the local music scene. Musicians who fail to grow beyond their local scene limit their chances of success and their creativity. It’s not easy to establish an identity beyond your local music scene,... / READ MORE /
Livestream concerts are here for good. Many musicians and music lovers have spent the last few months trying them out and quickly realized how valuable they are. Although nothing can replace live music performances, live streaming offers important benefits to artists and fans. It allows them to watch/watch concerts anywhere they want, provided an internet... / READ MORE /