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VERONA Mark Salisbury – ‘Melody Maker’ 19th May 1990 (UK) “Verona”, Simple Minds’ first full-length live concert video, is the group’s answer to U2’s “Rattle And Hum”, a 90-minute amalgam of concert footage and behind-the-scenes documentary filmed in a Roman ampthitheatre in Verona, Italy, during the final few days of the band’s “Street Fighting Years”... / READ MORE /
Lyceum, London 26th October 1980Terri Sanai – ‘Sounds’ 8th November 1980 (UK) Simple Minds showed how it should be done. They attain the kind of elegant, outlandish falmboyance Wasted Youth and Martin Dance long for, without resorting to the tempting deviations the others use. There’s no sign of visual distractions, the musicians are unobtrusive to... / READ MORE /