28th november 2008 (news) 'Manchester Evening News Arena set list & pictures" [more]

15th november 2008 (news) 'x2 Glasgow SECC Tickets For Sale', 'BELFAST CHILD FEATURING SINEAD O' CONNOR video.' [more]

9th may 2008 (news) "Simple Minds confirmed to perform at '46664 Concert Honouring Nelson Mandela at 90', Hyde park, London 27th June" [more]

13th april 2008 (news) "Stunning cover version of 'Someone, Somewhere (In Summertime) by Peter Simcoe & Christophe Avril" [more]

7th march 2008 (news) "Simple Minds have announced plans to perform a number of UK shows to celebrate 30 years in the music business. The band will perform their legendary album 'New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84)' in its entirety for the very first time. The second half of the concerts will focus on the bands more well known hits." [more]

4th february 2008 (news) "Jim Kerr Pop Art Painting'" [more]

11th september 2007 (news) "A group dedicated to Crashing Beats & Fantasy can now be found on 'Facebook'" [more]

6th may 2007 (news) 'KEYBOARD PLAYER REQUIRED FOR SIMPLE MINDED'."There are other great Minds covers bands out there but we hope to bring a refreshing take on Simple Minds with some great musicians and a fantastic live show. Currently I m looking for exceptional musicians to complete the line up of Simple Minded." [more]

8th january 2007 (news) "Simple Minds are considering a surprise return to live concerts in Australia and New Zealand early next year." [more]

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